Marvelous Rustic Christmas Decoration Ideas 46
Marvelous Rustic Christmas Decoration Ideas 46

30+ Marvelous Rustic Christmas Decoration Ideas

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A great looking and fun thing to do with your family is to create candle holders from stuff you can find outside your cabin. There are lots things you can use to make some pretty attractive designs. My personal favorite is a pine cone holder. You can trim the top of the center of the pine cone off, glue in a small metal holder, and you are good to go. Another fun project is to have little kids build a twig ring around a coffee can using hot glue. When the glue dries, you have an impressive place to put large candles.

You can’t go wrong with a wreath during the holiday season. Pine cones can be put to use with a little bit of ribbon and hot glue to come up with a simple, yet pleasing design that can hang inside or outside. If you or your kids want to mix it up a bit, feathers, small stones, leaves, pine needles, or just about anything you can find can be used to add texture and color to your Christmas creation.

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Christmas tree trimmings have come a long way in the last 100 years. An oldy but a goody among kids is popcorn on string. Kids love to be a part of the creation of something beautiful. Letting little ones place popcorn on a string can make them feel like Da Vinci at Christmas time. This is also another great place to use pine cones! Pine cones are the general homemade decoration appliance for me.

Take the time to make your Christmas a great with some quality time with your family. It’s something that you’ll cherish forever.

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