Outstanding Christmas Wearth Decoration Ideas 26
Outstanding Christmas Wearth Decoration Ideas 26

30+ Outstanding Christmas Wearth Decoration Ideas

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It is getting close to Christmas time again and this means digging out holiday decorations and lights. This is my favorite time of the year so I have accumulated many decorations. Each year I think I need to go through the boxes and discard or donate things that I no longer use, but it is difficult to part with anything because so many items are attached to fond memories. I also like to buy something new every year to add to the collection and to add variety to the decorations. My spouse tells me that we do not have room for anything more in the storage area so I either need to not buy anything or get rid of some things. We decided that we would pull out all the decorations well before Christmas this year so we could sort through what we have.

I discovered that I had purchased a Christmas wreath at the end of the season last year, and had completely forgotten that I snagged it in an after-season sale. It is a pre-lit Christmas wreath and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. When I bought it I had thought we would use it by our light post at the front of the house. When I told my brother (who lives with us) that I had forgotten about buying a wreath, he had a pretty good laugh at my expense — especially because I had just ordered a Christmas wreath from the boy scouts. I told him that this was no big deal because we could always put the Christmas wreath that we had ordered on our front door, or perhaps he’d like it for his home.

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We went through the many plastic storage containers filled with ornaments, lights, figurines and other holiday decorations. We managed to fill two bins with items that we would donate to the local Goodwill store. Goodwill was very pleased to see pre-holiday donations, because they oftentimes have to store post-holiday donations for an entire year before they can resell to their customers. The needy would lose out for an entire year.

Goodwill was so pleased with the donation that they offered us a choice of two gifts — a beautiful Christmas wreath or evergreen garland. The wreaths and garland were donated by a local tree grower. We decided on the garland since we had the pre-lit wreath as well as the fresh Christmas wreath coming from the boy scouts. The garland was six feet long and would be a great addition to our mantel. My brother and spouse could not believe that I went to Goodwill to get rid of decorations and then came home with a new item. I of course was thrilled with the addition of the fresh garland for our home.

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