Amazing Pine Cone Christmas Centerpieces Decoration 37
Amazing Pine Cone Christmas Centerpieces Decoration 37

30+ Amazing Pine Cone Christmas Centerpieces Decoration

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Pine cones are so abundant during the holiday season that we often take their beauty for granted. They can be used to make unique decorations or even used in their natural form as decorations. One of the simplest decorating ideas is to make small sprays with branches of the cones and berries and display these on a mantelpiece or above a window. You can use pine cones of different shapes, sizes and textures for your decorating ideas. Unique Christmas tree ornaments can be created using it. You can string them together also.

They make fantastic Christmas ornaments. You can string them onto the branches of the tree just the way they are. To add a richer look to the ornaments, you can spray paint them in gold or silver. You could also add some glitter onto the wet paint. You can also make individual tree ornaments by making a small hole through the top of each pine cone. Spray paint the cone in a metallic color. Use a strip of sheer or silver ribbon to hang up the ornament.

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Instead of using the whole thing you could also cut it across to make flowers. From a medium sized cone you would normally be able to make about two flowers. Lightly spray lacquer onto the flowers and roll them in glitter. Dust off any excess glitter once the coat of lacquer is dry. These can be used to make an unusual centerpiece for Christmas. Another great centerpiece idea is to take a circular floral oasis in the shape of a ring and arrange red roses and foliage on it. Intersperse a few pine cones with the flowers. For added effect, you can place a tall candle in the middle of the floral ring.

Pine cones can also be used to make small and cute Christmas trees. Just place it in a candle holder and fix a small star on the top of the cone. You can also make great decorations for your front door using pine cones. Take a few pine cones and string them together with berries and a few bells. Add a silver or gold bow to the decoration and display it on your front door. You can also use small gold or silver painted pine cones to decorate your Christmas gifts. As you can see there innumerable ways in which to use them as decorations. Use your imagination to make inexpensive but unique decorations.

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