Perfect New Years Eve Wedding Decoration Ideas 05
Perfect New Years Eve Wedding Decoration Ideas 05

20+ Perfect New Years Eve Wedding Decoration Ideas

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As the best night of the entire year for parties, New Year’s Eve is a fabulous time to host a wedding. You can be sure that everyone will be dressed to the nines and ready to gave a great time! Thank your guests for coming to your wedding with one of these great ideas for New Year’s Eve wedding favors.

Champagne is a popular part of many New Year’s Eve celebrations, and it would be a great idea for a wedding favor. It would be a very swanky favor for a black tie wedding. Small splits of Champagne would be fantastic favors that your guests are sure to love. To make it even more impressive, hang a small strand of crystals around the neck of each bottle (almost like a crystal necklace for the Champagne – how festive!) with a message of thanks from the bride and groom. There are a few variations on this which would work very well, such as substituting sparkling wine or Prosecco for Champagne. A non-alcoholic sparkling cider would be another option, especially if you are likely to have underage guests or tee-totalers at your reception.

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A very idea for a New Year’s Eve wedding reception is a masquerade theme party. Beautiful party masks would be a perfect favor for this style of reception. Look for very fancy masks with plenty of sparkle and feathers, in the style of the renowned Venetian masks. For the gentlemen, a classic black mask would be appropriate (not as fun as the masks for the ladies, but that can’t be helped). Encourage your guests to wear their fun new masks during the reception party. Set up a photo booth so that you can get pictures of everyone in their masks. Think what a fun addition that will be to the wedding album.

Help everyone start their New Year off with miniature calendars for the wedding favors. This would be a fun project, and has become so easy to do at one of the online photo sites like Snapfish. Put some thought into the pictures that you select for the calendars. The best ones are seasonal for each month. It is certainly fun to put a personal touch on the calendars, but do keep in mind that not everyone will want to see a picture of the bride and groom for each month of the year. To make the favor even more fun, highlight non-traditional holidays throughout the year like National Relaxation Day or Go Fly a Kite Day.

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