Creative DIY Valentines Day Garland Decor Ideas 53
Creative DIY Valentines Day Garland Decor Ideas 53

30+ Creative DIY Valentines Day Garland Decor Ideas

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Flowers have long been a coveted and integral aspect of Valentine’s Day traditions. Ever since the advent of Valentine’s Day festivities, flowers have symbolized the essence of the day. On this special day, whether it is a single flower or a garland, the sole expression reflected is the message of love.

History reveals that the tradition of giving flowers on St. Valentine’s Day first became popular in the seventeenth century with the introduction of “the language of flowers” (Persian poetical art) to the west by Charles II of Sweden. During those days, flowers were amongst the most common ways to communicate non-verbal messages of love or friendship.

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The conventional significance endorsed with the rose synchronizes Goddess Venus’s favorite flower with Valentine’s Day. Moreover, the symbolic connotation of love, romance, and passion associated with the rose qualifies it as the preferred choice for St. Valentine’s Day.

Roses symbolize love, but their many colors have special meanings. While the red rose remains the ultimate symbol of romantic love and enduring passion during Valentine’s Day, other colors of the day–namely white, pink, and yellow–also merge with the meaning of the roses. For instance, white roses reflect purity of the mind and pink roses signify fun and happiness. A yellow rose on Valentine’s Day connotes friendship.

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