Stunning DIY Decorations Ideas For Valentines Day 47
Stunning DIY Decorations Ideas For Valentines Day 47

20+ Stunning DIY Decorations Ideas For Valentines Day

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When you’re young and living in an apartment or a dorm, chances are, you can’t do much to make that space feel like your own. Especially if you want to do really interesting, alternative things, and even more so if you don’t have a ton of money. Does this mean you’re bound to live with bare white walls and ugly furniture? Absolutely not! Here are some alternative/ punk/ emo home design tips for the DIY-inclined.

Most apartments and dorm rooms come with standard-issue white walls. Boring! Want to add some color, without much hassle? Christmas lights. Truly, there is no easier way to change the color, look, and feel of a room than by using these lights. They’re simple to hang: you can just tack them up around the border of your room’s ceiling. Put all red lights up, and your room will appear to have a red hue to it. You can even put up more than one color, and choose which set to plug in. Blue today, green tomorrow. It’s simple and affordable. To further add to the effect, you can switch the bulbs in some of your lamps to colored “party bulbs.”

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Since a lot of emo kids like to have ambient lighting, this is a perfect choice. Even plain white Christmas lights can change the look of a room, without providing too much light.

Do you have boring floors? Ugly tiles or nasty carpet? No problem. Buying an area rug can be expensive as anything… but many stores sell large, but affordable bath mats that you can use as smaller area rugs. It may sound strange, but there are plenty of stylish, large bathmats out there to choose from, including ones made of fake fur. Bonus: they’re meant to be slip-proof, and tend to be easier to clean if they get wet than an area rug.

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