Gorgeous And Minimalist Front Yard Landscaping Design Ideas 50
Gorgeous And Minimalist Front Yard Landscaping Design Ideas 50

30+ Gorgeous And Minimalist Front Yard Landscaping Design Ideas

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Being able to hire experienced landscapers to come in and enrich our less than desirable yard, was out of the question, as new homeowners on a tight budget. Instead, we put on our blue jeans, rolled up our sleeves and embarked on our first do it yourself home project. In the process, we have learned a few tips that may be useful to others.

When beginning, make sure to dress properly for the occasion and do apply sunscreen. Shorts, a tank top and flip flops are not conducive to effective yard work. Take it from one who learned this lesson the hard way!

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Secondly, when choosing plants and flowers, select those that do well in your climate zone. Also, know the difference between annual and perennial species. Annuals last only one season and are ideal for adding seasonal color to your landscape. However, if what you need is cost effectiveness, perennials may be the way to go. Perennials cost more, but they also return year after year. You can have a lovely balance of both without having to take out a second mortgage.

Next, I cannot stress enough the importance of adequate spacing. You might think you have the perfect setting for your newly purchased Sago Palm today. Keep in mind how large it may be 2 years from now. Both height and width at maturity need to be considered. We have a 5 year old Sago that is gorgeous. However, it is now much too big for its own good!

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