Stylish Cactus Decor Ideas For Home 23
Stylish Cactus Decor Ideas For Home 23

20+ Stylish Cactus Decor Ideas For Home

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Types of indoor plants for home or office settings.
There are thousands of indoor plants that one can use for indoor decoration. I’ll mention the most common and the easiest to care for.

Pothos or (Epipremnum aureum) Very Easy care plants. They will do great indoors. They are famous for being used on hanging baskets and can take bright indirect sunlight the more light and the frequent the watering the faster it grows. They can also tolerant low light which makes them ideal for dark areas. You can let them dry out before watering again. They do like well drained soil. It is best if they are fertilized at least 3 times per year. There are two other varieties that have more foliage color. The marbled queen has quite a bit of light yellow and white on its leaves. The Golden variety is mostly green with some golden streaks through it leaves.

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Peace Lilly – or (Spathiphyllum) This easy care plant likes low light and is perfect for that dark corner. It produces a white leaf like bloom that can shoot straight up. It does grow to about 4ft tall and 4ft wide. The only difficult part of this plant is that it does like lots of water and should be watered daily throughout the summer months. It can be placed in indirect sunlight or in a very dark room. The white bloom is very colorful and start from the middle of the plant and is actually a leaf. Fertilize at least 4-6 times per year.

Rubber Plant – or (Ficus elastica) -This plant likes low indirect sunlight. Leaves are thick and waxy kind of…like rubber! Very easy care good looking indoor plant. It does like regular watering almost daily during the hot summer months. Very attractive indoor houseplant and should be trimmed once it reaches 6ft. in height. This type of plant can grow very large but you can dwarf its size by keeping it in a smaller container. This type of plant should be used in office settings.

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