Luxury Glass Stairs Design Ideas For You This Year 40
Luxury Glass Stairs Design Ideas For You This Year 40

20+ Luxury Glass Stairs Design Ideas For You This Year

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Spiral staircases are, by default, objects of both mystery and interest. This can be attributed to the fact that these staircases are not used much. They are typically utilized for two very extreme reasons, one is for austerity measures-for space and/or finances, and the other is for grand and elaborate structures in castles, churches and the like.

Today, spiral staircases are used pretty much for the same reasons, except that people are bolder that they either want to save space for the sake of space, or they want to create grand and elaborate structures in the comfort of their own homes.

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The most popular choices for materials in building these spiral staircases are wood, metal and glass. Wood and metal can both be used on their own while glass will always need fortification from either metal or wood. While wood and metal look good when used on their own, combining these materials including glass creates an interestingly different look altogether. Many famous designs are products of these combinations.

A combination of wood and metal spiral stairs set in a clean and industrial design creates a clean yet warm, simple and classic look. While using them for more creative designs creates an avant-garde, sculptural look. One example is a design that made use of a classic tread wooden staircase that was matched with a dead tree-like metal railing whose roots begin at the first step and branches reach up to the last and serve as the actual railing.

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