Stunning Bathroom Vanity Ideas For A Stylish Bathroom 50
Stunning Bathroom Vanity Ideas For A Stylish Bathroom 50

57 Stunning Bathroom Vanity Ideas For a Stylish Bathroom

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Keep in mind what your goal is when coming up with bathroom vanity ideas. If you are looking for a centerpiece for your bathroom, you should choose your vanity first and then plan the rest of the décor. If you already have your bathroom décor decided upon and you are looking for a vanity that can be used as an accent, you are more limited in choices. With the different cabinetry, faucets and basins that are available in various types of materials, you can make your bathroom a reflection of your own personal creativity.

People who are in need of storage space will choose a different vanity than someone who wants to experience a more open bathroom. Choices should be made carefully because your vanity is something you are going to have for a long time. If you choose the most beautiful vanity you have ever seen only to find it doesn’t have the functionality you want and need, you aren’t going to be happy.

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A vanity is a starting point for your bathroom design. Deciding how you are going to use the vanity will help you decide what you want for a vanity. Some choose to go with traditional wooden cabinet style vanity. A vanity with spacious cabinets that allow you to store clean towels and other personal care items underneath your sink is a good choice for someone who needs storage space. For people who do not want to store anything under the sink a pedestal type base to hold up the sink may be a good choice.

Traditional style as well as European style vanity bases are usually made of wood. A vanity with a wooden base is versatile. This type of vanity can be as simple as a painted ‘box’ style cabinet with a sink dropped into the top. A wooden vanity can also be a hand crafted, hand carved, piece of furniture that adds beauty and warmth to your home. These cabinets bring their own personality to the room. Countertops for these vanities can be made to fit one or more sinks. There are many materials available for bathroom vanity countertops including Formica, ceramic tile, marble, glass and even stone.

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