Gorgeous Backyard With Water Garden Design Ideas 20
Gorgeous Backyard With Water Garden Design Ideas 20

55 Gorgeous Backyard With Water Garden Design Ideas

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Water gardens and ponds in the center of a garden can be an attraction that can be unique and rewarding. Fancy fish and exotic flowers in the pond would be an added attraction which would provide life to the garden. The ideal place to build a pond in a garden is on a flat surface away from trees. Good sunlight would keep the pond serene and shimmering. In order to build one of them, convenient water garden kits are available in the market that would assist you in building one. Building one would be challenging but definitely worthwhile.

Location and measuring the perimeter
Finding the right place and measuring the size of the pond is the initial step in building an artificial pond. You can select a place that is considerably calm and away from trees. Nevertheless, building one under the trees surrounded by stones is also a nice prospect if you have enough resources and patience to build one. Measure the perimeter of the pond using a hose. While measuring the size of the pond make it as large as possible. If you keep the size small, the pond will turn out to be much smaller after completion.

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Digging the hole
Before digging the hole decide on what type of pond you need, what size and how much deep. If a small pond is your choice, then it will be advisable to dig a hole of at least 3-3 ½ feet. Dig at least 4-5 feet deep for a bigger pond. Enough depth is needed so as to prevent the water from turning into ice during winter seasons. If you are building water gardens and ponds around solid rock, then the digging process would be arduous. Lot of manual shoveling will be required in such circumstances. Provisions for pump & circulation materials for effective filtration of water should be provided while digging the hole.

Finishing and sealing the pond
Before adding water to the pond, seal the sides and bottom surfaces of the pond with newspapers and carpet padding. Good quality pond liners & seals are available in the market. Inside the hole provide space for rocks and plants to grow. If you plan to ornament it with fancy fishes then you could add appropriate decoration materials.

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