Stunning Easter Tablescapes Ideas You Need To Try 37
Stunning Easter Tablescapes Ideas You Need To Try 37

45 Stunning Easter Tablescapes Ideas You Need To Try

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You probably already decorate your table for Thanksgiving Dinner or Christmas Dinner. But there are several ways that you can decorate your table anytime of the year by adding a few simple items that you may already have in your home.

New Years Day can be celebrated by decorating your table with a white table cloth and something that represents good luck and good fortune in which you will be wishing to everyone who sits around your table. This can be something personalized that has brought you luck last year and you want everyone to see. Use a plain white cotton flat sheet for a table cloth. White is bright and can be bleached when stained. Make place card holders by taking a piece of construction paper and cutting it into a triangle shape. Place the name on each card and set at each setting. On the back of the card write your wish to them for the year. This is a personal way of showing how much you care. Have everyone read their card if you like.

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Easter is usually a time for new beginnings. It celebrates life and newness that come with the changing of the season. With an Easter table setting, take a pink flat sheet and a blue flat sheet and sew them together. Or you could use a pastel yellow and lavender. Sew them together covering the seam. Take the rest of the sheet that is left over after you sew the table cloth together to make cloth napkins for your guests. Sew a straight seam around your material to make it look professional. Use card stock dyed the color to match your table setting. Write names on each card and on the back write a simple sentence to express how you feel about the season and best wishes to your guests.

Independence Day is a great time for celebration. It signifies the middle of the summer and is meant to be a time of celebration and gathering with those who mean a lot to you. In order to decorate for this holiday, you may celebrate outside with a cook out or you may cook indoors. Either way you can decorate your dining room table or your picnic table with the following decorations. Because this holiday is celebrated with the traditional colors of red, white and blue you need to use this color theme for your party. Use a dark blue or red flat sheet as a table cloth. Use the opposite color for your cloth napkins. Purchase miniature flags at your local store that you can set at everyone’s plate. Flag’s can be used to put in glasses for drinks or can be used where you lay the silverware.

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