Genius Solutions To Better Optimize Your Small Bedroom Storage 34
Genius Solutions To Better Optimize Your Small Bedroom Storage 34

43 Genius Solutions To Better Optimize Your Small Bedroom Storage

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In an urban home where space is at a premium, storage space is a premium so here are some space-saving ideas for the small bedroom .

The bed, being the key piece of furniture is more effective as a high-level bed with plenty of boxes, drawers or cupboards underneath. The cupboards do not have to have doors, which need space to swing open. Instead, think cubby holes for storing books, clothes and shoes.

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If you’re living in a studio flat, you can still make use of the minimal space. For example, ‘store’ the sleeping area on top of a tiny kitchen and bathroom, leaving the main room as a living area. In any arrangement where the bedroom is raised up, or in a gallery, have open-tread, ladder-type access to the upper level, rather than a solid staircase which will create visual barrier.

The bed which folds up against the wall is another space-saving alternative. Build storage shelves on the wall above the folded-up bed and hang a blind or curtain which, when extended, will hide the entire wall.

Bunk beds which fold away are useful in a child’s room. But you lose the advantage of the copious storage space which can be built in underneath a high-level bed that is a permanent structure.

Clothes storage becomes a greater issue in a confined space. Part of the solution is to be disciplined and ruthless about how many pieces you should have. Seasonal storage, where you store away winter clothes in summer and summer for winter, will help the situation if you have an attic or other place to stash away a couple of old suitcases.

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